General Overview

With the rapid advances in science and technology during the last few decades, computers and computing systems have risen to be the key technology supporting and expanding almost every area of life, from education and research, to commerce and entertainment. With the growth of networking systems ­ such as the global Internet system connecting millions of people engaged in business, education, and research ­ computing has become one of the most powerful aspects of progress in human life.

To be successful in this dynamic and expanding area one must have a strong basis in their own creativity, and a good knowledge of the most advanced and up to date areas of Computing technology and Computer Science. The Master’s program in Software Engineering at UMLAC provides just this, a combination of the most important and powerful theoretical basis of all areas of computing, and their applications in the most advanced areas of current technology and professional areas.

With such a broad range of applications, a computer scientist or computer professional must be firmly grounded in the knowledge of how these systems are organized, and in the principles which are used to create and apply computing to the many different application areas that one will encounter in a professional computing profession. In addition one must cultivate increasingly clear thinking and logic, balance in personal life, and the ability to think and communicate clearly and coherently with others. The Computer Science programs at UMLAC prepare graduates for success in this field by providing comprehensive knowledge of the discipline, while culturing all of these vital and precious qualities of personal and professional success.

Admission Requirements

Before applying, please carefully read all requirements below. Admission requirements are subject to change.

Upon arrival, all students are tested to confirm that they meet the entrance requirements as per their application materials. If they are unable to demonstrate their stated level, they will be deferred from the program until they can remedy these deficiencies.

There are two main areas of requirements:

  1. Academic and undergraduate degree
  2. English proficiency for internationals

Please click here to read all requirement details carefully.

If you meet the admissions requirements, please apply online. There is no application fee required at this stage.

If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements, you may still apply online, and we will be happy to review your application and let you know if you qualify. Please note that not any one of these requirements determines whether you will be accepted to the program or not. All items are viewed together for the final decision. If you are not accepted to the program, advice will be given to you as to how to remedy your status to be accepted in the future.

Computer Professionals Program Entry Tracks


There are two entry tracks for the MSCS program:

  1. Direct Track is for students who have recent experience in OO Design and Programming and the Java programming language.
  2. Preparatory Track is for applicants who need to refresh or improve their knowledge of basic Computer Science (including OO programming and data structures).

All students accepted to the MSCS program are required to have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or equivalent knowledge and experience from other academic and professional sources.

Applicants who fulfill all other entry requirements but are lacking current knowledge of programming and Object Oriented (OO) software methods may enter the Preparatory Track. This track is NOT a substitute for the full coverage of these topics which the students are expected to have completed during undergraduate courses.

Note: There will be an entrance exam upon arrival on campus to verify entry qualifications for each track. (See sample exams below.)

The Direct Track

Direct Track Entry Requirements

Students may apply for acceptance to the Direct Track if they meet all academic entrance requirements including substantial recent experience (either professional or in academic coursework) in the areas of OO programming, data structures (equivalent to the CS203 and CS221 courses described in the UMLAC Catalog), and the Java programming language. Students with a recent bachelor’s (or master’s) degree in Computer Science, as well as experienced Java engineers, should qualify for the Direct Track.

Direct Track Qualification Exam

To confirm entrance qualifications for the Direct Track as submitted in admissions materials, all students take a qualification exam upon arrival. This exam tests the basic concepts and methods of OO programming, and uses the Java programming language. Students in the Direct Track must successfully pass this test in order to stay in the Direct Track; otherwise they will be reassigned to the Preparatory Track. A sample Direct Entry Track qualification exam is posted online to help prospective students assess their readiness for the Direct Track.

The Preparatory Track

Preparatory Track Entry Requirements

The Preparatory Track is intended to provide a supplemental review and introduction to modern programming practices using OO in the Java language. The Preparatory Track offers a short overview and review. Requirements for entering the Preparatory Track are the minimum requirements for entering the MSCS program. Although initial acceptance to the program is determined by a board review of each student application, in general, an applicant is considered to be qualified for the Preparatory Track if he or she has the following qualifications:

  • Undergraduate Degree in CS or equivalent
  • Ability to program in a contemporary procedural language (Pascal or C)

Preparatory Track Qualification Exam

To confirm these entrance qualifications as submitted in admissions materials, students in the Preparatory Track take a qualification exam upon arrival. This test includes basic areas of programming:

  • Basic knowledge of data structures.
  • A contemporary procedural programming language (C, Pascal, etc.). (The student is not expected to know Java.)

A sample Preparatory Track qualification exam is posted online to help prospective students assess their readiness for study in the program.

Students in the Preparatory Track must successfully pass the qualification exam in order to continue in the MSCS program. Students initially assigned to the Preparatory Track who do well in this test may apply to transfer into the Direct Track. Anyone not passing the Preparatory Track qualification exam will not continue in the program, but may reapply later when they have met the entrance requirements.