MD Program Learning Outcomes

This degree will give systematic and advanced practical training in the many natural, time-tested modalities of Maharishi Ayurveda. The first course provides an overview of the entire curriculum. The tenth provides an opportunity for clinical practice and integration. The eight central courses each focus on one of the eight major organ systems of the body. Students will gain an understanding of the main disorders of that system from both modern medicine and Ayurveda perspectives. Specifically, students will learn:

  • Maharishi Ayurveda anatomy and physiology in context of the eight major organ systems
  • Comprehensive Ayurvedic health assessment techniques, including traditional pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, Ayurvedic health history, assessment of mind-body type
  • Individualized diet and lifestyle recommendations for mind-body types and disorders
  • Therapeutics for mind, body and environment from Maharishi Ayurveda to prevent and treat common and chronic disorders, including:
    • Herbal supplements especially beneficial for specific imbalances and organ systems
    • Traditional purification therapies (Panchakarma)
    • Five sense therapies (touch, smell, sight, taste, sound)
    • Principles of Vedic Architecture
    • Principles of biological rhythms and their effects on health – Maharishi Jyotish
    • Principles of Vedic exercise, including Maharishi Yoga asanas
  • An introduction to the clinical applications of Traditional Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Osteopathic manipulative therapy, Chiropractic, other natural medical systems and modern integrative medicine

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