Graduation Requirements for the Minor in Sustainable Living

To graduate with a minor in Sustainable Living, students must complete all of the core courses in Sustainable Living, plus one elective course.

Core Courses (24 credits)

  • SL-G202 Critical Thinking
  • SL-B101 Sustainability, Buildings and the Built Environment
  • SL-G201 Ecology
  • SL-G201 Ecology
  • SL-E101 Energy and Sustainability
  • SL-G101 Permaculture Design
  • SL-P101 Global Sustainability


  • FA 201 Art and NatureFA 356 Sustainable Garden Design
  • MGT 200 Principles of Business Success
  • MGT 432 Entrepreneurship Project
  • MC 363 Web Design Studio
  • MVS 240 EEG, Brain, and Enlightenment
  • MVS 309 Fundamentals of World Peace