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Consciousness-Based education was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi after who the university is named, so that students can discover the field of pure consciousness within themselves as the source of all knowledge.

Self-knowledge is at the heart of an UMLAC education. By directly experiencing your innermost nature through the Transcendental Meditation technique, you can easily connect each discipline to your own life, and see the underlying unity of all knowledge.


What’s been missing from education?

Simply stated, education has been leaving out you and your consciousness — your state of awareness.
When you study something, three elements are involved:

  • the knowledge of the field of study;
  • the process of gaining knowledge;
  • and you, the student gaining knowledge.

Many universities are adequate or better on the first element — covering the subject of study. And the more progressive schools improve the process through innovative teaching techniques. But conventional universities fail to expand the learning ability of the student — to develop the consciousness of the knower. Without this third element, universities only provide information-based education — and the information is often forgotten once the course is over.

What has been missing is a way for you to develop yourself from within — to improve your brain functioning and enliven your full potential.


Why Consciousness-Based education?

At UMLAC you study traditional subjects, but you also systematically cultivate your inner potential. Day by day, you develop your creativity and learning ability. Your awareness expands, improving your ability to see the big picture, and to relate to others.

All knowledge emerges from consciousness — and in essence you are consciousness. At UMLAC, Consciousness-Based education connects everything you learn to the underlying wholeness of life. So each class becomes relevant, because the knowledge of that subject is connected with your own inner intelligence.

Through the Consciousness-Based approach of UMLAC, you also see how each field of study can be practically applied towards solving the world’s problems — and you gain the tools to create a positive change in the world.

This system of education includes the daily practice of a simple natural procedure — the Transcendental Meditation technique — by all our students and faculty. Extensive published research has found that this technique boosts learning ability and creativity, improves brain functioning, and reduces stress.

The TM technique is practiced for twenty minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.



At UMLAC, Self-knowledge is not just an intellectual process. It’s the direct experience of your own innermost nature — the state of pure consciousness, the underlying reality of life.

This experience is gained through a simple, natural procedure — the Transcendental Meditation technique. All students and faculty meditate 20 minutes twice daily at UMLAC.

This is a key aspect of UMLAC’s Consciousness-Based Education. You’ll discover how each field of study is connected at the deepest level to your own Self, making learning much more satisfying, relevant, and exciting.


Success in all Aspects of Life

Consciousness-Based education at UMLAC is very practical; it also develops the qualities most important for whatever career you embark upon.

Through Maharishi’s techniques and knowledge for development of consciousness, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and your place in the world — not just intellectually, but by directly experiencing your own inner nature. Explore universal, fundamental principles — and acquire self-knowledge for growth, transformation, and success in life.

By experiencing your own pure consciousness, your thinking and actions will become more coherent, harmonious, and rewarding. Students often remark how “things just start to go my way” as they gain the ability to fulfill desires from inside themselves. Ultimately, our world is a reflection of who we are — everyone shapes his or her own reality.


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