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The initiative to establish a university for Latin America & the Caribbean, based on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s knowledge of consciousness, originates from Raja Luis Alvarez, the Chief Administrator for Latin America & the Caribbean of the Global Country of World Peace.

The Global Country of World Peace, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, offers a proven, practical approach to world peace and national invincibility, based on a strong, coherent and unified national consciousness that can be practically achieved through the Consciousness-Based programs.

Inspired by this possibility to raise every country to the level of freedom from problems and negativity coming from within or from outside the country, Raja Luis, supported by the Directors for Latin America & the Caribbean of the Global Country of World Peace, has inspired the founding of UMLAC as the university to offer Consciousness-Based Education for our region, according to its cultural, social, and economic circumstances.

An invincible nation radiates positivity and nourishment to its neighbors and spontaneously prevents the birth of any enemy. It will be an inspiration and joy to everyone in the world family.

About us eng 1Vision and Founding Goal

The goal of UMLAC is: To promote for all the people of the Caribbean and Latin America Consciousness Based universities, with the goal of awakening in every student the full potential of creativity, intelligence, and happiness for an increasingly problem-free, progressive and fulfilling life that brings all good to oneself, one’s surroundings, and to society as a whole.



  1. To offer the four basic components of Consciousness-Based universities, as founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  2. To establish facilities in diverse countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.
  3. To collaborate with allied institutions in The Netherlands, USA, and the Caribbean and Latin America.


Consciousness Based Universities

Consciousness Based Education includes the four following components:

  • Courses on consciousness. Students practice the Transcendental Meditation program twice daily at the university; and after a few months, the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying. Through these programs the students enliven and start to function from the most creative, powerful, and blissful level of their own awareness, Transcendental Consciousness. At the same time the physiology becomes deeply relaxed and more integrated, releasing any tension or stress. As a result, students naturally start expressing more of their unlimited creative potential in daily life. More than six hundred (600) scientific research studies, conducted in two hundred and fifty (250) universities and research institutes in thirty-three (33) countries, document the wide-ranging benefits of the Transcendental Meditation for mind, body, behavior, and society.
  • Study of the standard subjects in light of the knowledge of consciousness. Students also study the field of consciousness through courses that give them deeper understanding of their full potential. These courses bring out unifying principles—laws of nature expressed in simple language—which help students see the relationship among all subjects of study and their own growth. Increasingly they experience and understand life as a whole.
    Students take standard disciplines in mathematics, science, arts, and humanities, with the unique addition of the main points of each lesson related to the knowledge of full human development, which makes the study of every subject more relevant and satisfying to the students.
  • pic-internal-12Consciousness-Based teaching techniques that make learning easy and fulfilling. The principles of teaching used in Consciousness-Based Education reflect fundamental laws of learning, which refine not only the mind and intellect, but also perception, emotions, speech, and behavior, to culture increasingly holistic awareness in the students. One highly effective instructional technique is the use of large wall charts through which the main ideas of each lesson are shown connected to the whole subject and to the student’s own full development. Another unique instructional feature is students summarizing and expressing what they have learned in the classroom at the end of each lesson, day, week, and month. A restfully alert quality of mind and body is crucial for unfolding one’s full potential; therefore Consciousness-Based universities promote a balanced, healthy routine that includes the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, academic classes, sports and creative activities, pure food, early bedtime, and no big homework assignments. Boys and girls, men and ladies, are educated in their own atmosphere, which fosters a life style that is simple, focused on
    knowledge, and conducive to unfolding one’s unique talents.
  • Stress-free routine and nourishing environment. The buildings are constructed or selected in accord with principles from natural law based architecture, for the enhanced health and well-being of the occupants.
    The atmosphere, due to group practice of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, is imbued with peace, vitality, openness, acceptance, an ideal atmosphere for learning, growth, and happiness.

Core values

These shared values characterize our campus culture and guide University decision-making:

  • Development of consciousness — Water the root to enjoy the fruit
    We use Maharishi’s techniques, including Transcendental Meditation, to develop the full potential of our consciousness and create peace in ourselves and the world. Group practice of these techniques is most powerful.
  • Consciousness-Based education — Enjoy 200% of life: 100% of the outer, material value and 100% of the inner, spiritual value
    This is our specialty, our unique contribution to education. Consciousness-Based education develops students from within and promotes holistic growth.
  • Engaged learning — Knowledge is gained from inside and outside
    Through Consciousness-Based education, consciousness — the home of all knowledge — is enlivened within every student. With this, whatever is studied outside resonates with the inner foundation of knowledge. As a result knowledge becomes more accessible and relevant. In addition, we engage students through active learning and rigorous academics, without the stress commonly experienced by university
    students. We encourage open inquiry by our students, faculty, and administration to culture receptivity and engagement in the process of gaining knowledge.
  • Continuous improvement — The nature of life is to grow
    We are all committed to proactively improving ourselves and our University.
  • Progressive communication — The art of speaking lies in truthful speech which is always uplifting, never harmful
    We value honest, respectful, and non-judgmental communication.
  • Generosity of spirit — Giving is the basis of receiving
    We cultivate trust, kindness, and generosity to promote growth in ourselves and our community.
  • Honoring diversity — The world is my family
    We honor cultural diversity as well as diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. We welcome everyone’s Contributions.
  • Campus in harmony with natural law — Maximize the intelligent use of the environment.
    We are committed to creating a campus in accordance with Natural Law — a new model of sustainability.
  • Health and happiness — The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness
    We value a campus culture that promotes balance, health, enjoyment, and a spirit of fun.

Board of Directors

The legal form of Universidad Maharishi for Latin America & the Caribbean (UMLAC) is a Foundation. According to the Charter of the foundation, the foundation is managed by the Board of Directors. The Board consists of a maximum of seven (7) members, including a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

The Board members are the following persons:

  • Carl Camelia LL.M., Chairperson; from Curaçao
  • Pedro Ojeda, Treasurer; residing in Paraguay
  • Rafael de la Puente, Secretary; from Chile
  • Javier Ortiz, Member; from Peru
  • Jose Luis Arbaje, Member; from Dominican Republic
  • Sarah Ponde, Member; from Brazil
  • German Martina, Member; from Argentina

The Foundation is represented legally and extra judicially by the Chairman and the Secretary acting jointly, or the Chairman and the Treasurer acting jointly.


Advisory Board

The Foundation has appointed an Advisory Board as the guiding light of the foundation. The Advisory Board is chaired by Raja Luis Alvarez from the council of Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace, responsible for Latin America & the Caribbean.
According to the charter of the Foundation, the Advisory Board has a parental role to inspire and assist the Board of Directors with advice and deeds. The education quality is monitored by the Quality Assurance Committee, including experts from the field of education.
The day to day academic activities are being managed by a Dean, appointed by the Board, in consultation with the Quality Assurance Committee.

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