Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Associated Risk Factors the Simple and Natural Way Cardiovascular Health

Learn techniques for balancing blood pressure, establishing good cholesterol, balancing weight and reducing stress for maintaining healthy arteries.

Heart disease is the number-one threat to your health today. It kills more people than the next 16 causes of death combined1. There is a good chance that either you or someone you love suffers from the conditions that lead to heart disease or experience risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, chronic stress and diabetes.

Modern medicine focuses only on replacing the parts and treating the symptoms while ignoring the underlying causes of heart disease. The Heart Health program provides a comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of heart disease that considers diet, lifestyle, and individual body type. It is based on the principles and programs of Maharishi Ayurveda, the worlds oldest and most time-tested and scientifically authenticated system of natural medicine.


In this 5 lesson Heart Health course, you will:

  • understand the basic anatomy and physiology of the heart and the connection of heart disease to high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, diabetes, obesity, and numerous other risk factors
  • learn what your mind-body type is and discover how that type increases your risk for cardiovascular disease
  • learn how to tailor your diet and lifestyle to your individual type and seasonal needs
    receive recipes including spice mixes, herbal teas, and home remedies that strengthen the heart and help keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight in check
  • learn how to reduce mental, emotional, and physical stress and how to modify your behavior to improve your relationships and keep the emotional heart healthy.

Whether you want to prevent heart disease or reverse it in yourself or in a family member or loved one, this course offers a completely new understanding and practical approach that will create a major transformation in your health and total well-being.


No Prerequisites.

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