Core Courses

  • MC—W250 The Power of the Word
  • MC—W300 Narrative 1
  • MC 251 The Power of Media Marketing
  • MGT 200 Principles of Business Success
  • MGT 201 Business Communications Skills
  • MGT 230 The Successful Entrepreneur
  • MC 380 Media Projects
  • MC—D370 Digital Publishing and Interactive Design
  • MC—F313 Documentary Filmmaking
  • MC—F316 Creative Filmmaking
  • MC—F423 Feature Film Production 3
  • MC—F433 RED ONE Camera Projects

Concentrations (12 credits)


  • The concentration in Filmmaking teaches you the skills you need to share your message with the world.
  • Create cinema-quality videos using our high-definition cameras, filming studios, professional lighting, green screens, animation facilities, and more. You’ll master the latest technology and equipment.
  • Choose your own projects while learning from successful professionals, in an environment that will support your creative and personal growth.
  • Explore a variety of styles, including documentary, creative, animated, and feature films. You’ll learn and practice the entire filmmaking process — from initial concept through screenwriting, directing, shooting, editing, and production.
  • And gain professional on-set experience working as part of a film crew in project-based courses and internships.

DIGITAL ARTSdigital arts

  • The concentration in Digital Arts combines graphic design, web design, and photography to give you a 21st century edge.
  • Investigate the core principles of design and how design can be used to transform business, the environment, and community. Communicate via image, sound, and words.
  • Combine image and typography to represent ideas, convey moods, and emotions. Empower your community and amplify the presence of nonprofits and citizen groups.
  • Learn the fundamentals of digital photography through project-based work. Explore photography from a commercial and/or fine arts perspective.
  • And create a powerful portfolio of work to launch a successful career in this ever-growing, ever-changing career area.

DIGITAL MUSICdigitalmusic

  • The concentration in Digital Music gives you a chance to create, produce, and deliver professional-quality music and broadcasts.
  • Develop a personal, artistic voice and explore multiple aspects of the music-making process.
  • Get exposed to a diverse range of musical styles and projects ranging from production to broadcasting to music video.
  • Integrate your work with the other Media & Communications concentrations. Score a film or mix the sound for an online animation.
  • And build a portfolio of work ready to demo for production houses and creative agencies.


  • The concentration in Professional Writing will develop your expression to create stories that speak.
  • Develop your writing skills in a variety of genres — all with a professional, career-oriented focus.
  • Be in demand. Good writers are always in demand because they can distill a message to its essence, communicate ideas, inspire others, and persuade decision makers.
  • Gain a 21st century edge in today’s industry with instruction in digital publishing and modern skills.
  • And create a portfolio of professional work, ready to help you and that dream job or launch your own business.



  • MC—D335 Digital Photography 1
  • MC—D336 Travel Photography and Video
  • MC—D363 Web Design Studio
  • MC—D365 Next Generation Web Design
  • MC—D366 Graphic Design for Media and Communications 1
  • MC—D367 Graphic Design for Media and Communications 2
  • MC—D368 Graphic Design for the Web
  • MC—D370 Digital Publishing and Interactive Design
  • FA 331 Photography 1 — Capturing Moments of Light
  • FA 332 Photography 2 — Capturing Moments of Light
  • FA 338 Photography and New Media 1
  • FA 339 Photography and New Media 2
  • FA 474 Intermediate Studio in Photography


  • MC—F282 Video Production
  • MC—F284 Video Editing
  • MC—F285 Advanced Video Production
  • MC—F286 Stop Motion Animation
  • MC—F288 Cinematography
  • MC—F307 3D Cartoon Animation
  • MC—F309 3D Animation for Video and Game Design
  • MC—F313 Documentary Filmmaking
  • MC—F316 Creative Filmmaking
  • MC—F318 Music Video
  • MC—F319 Promotional Shorts
  • MC—F323 Advanced Video Editing
  • MC—F324 Visual Effects
  • MC—F421 Feature Film Production 1
  • MC—F422 Feature Film Production 2
  • MC—F423 Feature Film Production 3
  • MC—F425 Advanced Film Projects
  • MC—F431 Cinematography with the RED ONE Camera
  • MC—F432 Lighting and the RED ONE Camera
  • MC—F433 RED ONE Camera Projects


  • MC—M232 Sound Design for Visual Media
  • MC—M233 Digital Music Production
  • MC—M330 Radio and Web Broadcasting


  • MC—W215 Journalism 1
  • MC—W245 Writing for the Screen
  • MC—W250 CCTS The Power of the Word
  • MC—W252 The Power of Imagination
  • MC—W300 Narrative 1
  • MC—W342 Global Solutions
  • MC—W345 Creative Process
  • MC—W350 Advanced Writing for the Screen
  • MC—W410 Narrative 2
  • WTG 201 Poetry and Transcendence
  • WTG 202 Fiction 1
  • WTF 301 Literary Nonfiction Workshop 1
  • WTG 302 Literary Nonfiction Workshop 2
  • WTG 310 Poetry Writing
  • WTG 313 Writing and Reading the Short Story
  • WTG 314 Fiction 2
  • WTG 315 Writing Literary Nonfiction
  • WTG 320 The Personal Essay
  • WTG 321 Blogging and Reflective Writing
  • WTG 322 Memoir Writing
  • WTG 323 Memoir and Transcendence
  • WTG 340 Writers on Writing
  • WTG 342 Writing for Children 1
  • WTG 343 Writing for Children 2
  • WTG 345 Nature Writing
  • WTG 350 Advanced Poetry Workshop
  • WTG 360 Writing and Photography
  • WTG 370 Writing for Fun and Profit
  • WTG 373 Graphic Narrative
  • WTG 375 Flash Fiction
  • WTG 399 Directed Study
  • WTG 410 Travel Writing


  • MC 336 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MC 385 Advanced Media Projects
  • MC 390 Portfolio
  • MC 398 Internship in Media and Communications
  • MC 399 Directed Study
  • FA 201 Art and Nature
  • FA 203 Understanding Art and Media
  • FA 204 CCTS: The Spiritual Quest in Media and Myth
  • MGT 378 Marketing Management
  • MGT 428 Business Law and Ethics
  • MGT 484 Mediation and Negotiation
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