Objectives of the Certificate

This online, distance education certificate program in CMA Exam Prep: Managerial Accounting has dual purposes: (a) to prepare students to successfully pass the examinations to become Certified Management Accountants, and (b) to provide students with the fundamentals of Lean Accounting for improved decision-making. Lean Management and Lean Accounting are central themes throughout the certificate. Credits earned in this certificate program may be used to fulfill requirements of the BA degree in Business Administration, or the MBA degree, if you meet admissions requirements.


Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting from an accredited university, or equivalent (e.g., chartered accountant courses), as approved by the department. In addition, you will need to pass an online accounting test to verify your understanding of basic financial accounting practices in the USA.

Certificate requirements

18 credits total, consisting of 2 credits in Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC) (or previous Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) course), plus 16 credits from the courses shown below. Graduate level students will have additional academic assignments for each course.

Before starting the second course, the student will be required to take instruction in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique at a local or regional TM Center. The cost of instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique is separate and is the responsibility of the student. The local TM instructor will submit a document verifying the completion of instruction. It is recommended that students arrange for instruction during the first course.

Courses shown below are graduate level.

1st semester (10 credits)

  • STC 508: Science and Technology of Consciousness
  • MGT 5161 Financial Planning, Performance and Control (CMA 1)
  • MGT 5162 Financial Decision Making (CMA 2)

2nd semester (8 credits)

  • MGT 5853 Systems for Developing Organizational Excellence
  • MGT 5854 Lean Management Principles
  • MGT 5855 Lean Accounting I
  • MGT 5856 Lean Accounting II

Instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique: To locate a certified TM instructor in your area, visit www.tm.org or call 1-888-532-7686. Cost of TM instruction will vary by country.

If the student has already taken STC or SCI courses through the University sometime in the past, then the STC course is waived, and the cost of the program is reduced.

Course fee
The tuition for the course is to be announced

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