Are you an ambitious Information Technology (IT) professional with a vision, aspiring to move into an IT leadership position?
Information technology is changing the world incredibly fast. It is offering opportunities to create new products, new business models, new efficiencies, and to get closer to customers around the world than ever before. There is a great demand for visionary and dynamic IT executives who know how to harness new information technologies and deploy them effectively in the cause of new models and new growth. You can almost write your own new business card!

UMLAC is delighted to introduce a competitively priced 18-credit Online Graduate Certificate program in Management Information Systems (MIS) that can help take your career to new heights. It can help you transition to, or make yourself more effective in, Business Analyst and IT leadership roles.

The program will provide you with the theories, skills and expertise to strategically deploy information technologies and drive new business value. Upon completion of this program, you will:

  • Understand the social and organizational context, and how to align IT with organizational strategy to drive differentiation, collaboration, and competitive advantage.
  • Understand business information requirements and processes, and how to design and deploy integrated enterprise systems and web applications, under budget and on schedule.
  • Understand IT Infrastructure including emerging technologies, and how to make it cost-effective, resilient, secure and flexible.
  • Understand the world of Big Data, and how to structure and manage it for superior information access, insight and agility.

This program can be completed entirely online in one to two years depending on your needs. It will begin with 2 credits of UMLAC’s unique course on the Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC), and continue with 16 credits of MIS courses to be selected from a wide range of course offerings.

Before starting the second course, the student will be required to take instruction in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique at a local or regional TM Center. The cost of instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique is separate and is the responsibility of the student. The local TM instructor will submit a document verifying the completion of instruction. It is recommended that students arrange for instruction during the first course.

Course fee

The tuition for the course is to be announced

To register

Our online programs will be available soon. Please send us an information request so that we can keep you informed. Thank you!

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