General Overview

The School of Computer Science at UMLAC offers a BS in Computer Science that prepares students for successful careers in computer technology and information systems, and offers the option of gaining a master’s degree in only one additional year.

Our unique MS CS degree (emphasizing modern software development: distributed, parallel, and web computing) attracts highly qualified students from around the world, and includes practical training at top IT companies.

Special Features

  • Our programs develop outstanding computer professionals. Graduates are well prepared for careers in business, government, education, or research. Students become thoroughly grounded in programming languages, computer architecture, computer systems, and theory of computation. In addition, they gain experience in applied computer science areas such as computer graphics, compilers, databases, and networking.
  • Our students are enjoying notable professional success in industry and education, including Microsoft, IBM, AT&T Bell Labs, Cisco Systems, First Data Corp., Caterpillar, SITA, Bluestem Systems, Amteva Technologies, Commerce Clearing House, Sterling Software, Marathon Foto, LHS Communications Systems, Software Artisans, and the University of Texas.
  • Students develop the essentials for success in the computer science profession, and all areas of life — problem-solving ability, logical thinking, creativity, broad comprehension, and fine focus of attention.
  • Students gain experience with the most advanced operating systems and computer environments including Microsoft Windows and Linux.
    Students study the unifying theory of programming languages and explore a variety of modern languages and approaches to programming in various classes, for example Java and C# (for enterprise and large-scale systems), “Scheme/LISP” (for expert systems), and “ML” (for research in the functional approach to programming). Other specialized languages are taught as needed.
  • Our faculty use an effective teaching approach that creates a learning environment of ease and enjoyment without the stress and strain that commonly accompany a rigorous discipline.
  • Students study the basic principles underlying all computer hardware, and examine principles that have given rise to the most recent advances in high-performance and super computing systems, including networked, parallel, distributed, and highly concurrent approaches. Each of these systems uses many computers in combination to solve a large computational task, but they differ in their scope and approach.

The Department of Computer Science has several very well equipped computing laboratories, which provide Internet access, as well as the departmental network, and campus network. A variety of servers provide support for classes, development, and research activities.

  • Students can also access a wide variety of resources, including scanners, printers, and other campus services including the library online catalog and materials.
  • High-speed campus and Internet access is provided to student housing, all student labs, and several other access places around campus.
  • Occasional field trips and guest lectures by successful computer professionals are offered to provide students with the latest developments in computer science and their practical applications in science and industry.

The electronic computer is amazingly powerful, and yet is limited compared to the computing ability of the 100-billion neuron parallel processing capability of the human brain. This vast capability of the brain physiology is directly cultured through the University’s curriculum, so that graduates not only master computer science, but also grow in the ability to spontaneously operate from the total potential of their own brain physiology and make right decisions without mistakes.

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