Graduation Requirements for the BA in Business Administration

To graduate with a BA in Business, students must successfully complete all general requirements for the bachelor’s degree. As part of these requirements, 52 credits of course work in business administration must be completed as follows:

The required undergraduate courses are grouped into three sequential modules. In the Skills for Success in Personal and Professional Life module students learn practical skills for successful functioning in the modern world. In the Business Foundations module, students grow in knowledge of the legal, economic, and social environment of business life. In the Entrepreneurship module, students gain knowledge and experience of starting and growing companies by studying and creating business plans.

Skills for Success in Personal and Professional Life Four courses required (14 credits)

  • MGT 201 Business Communication Skills (description)
  • MGT 220 CCTS: Current Topics in Sustainable Economics (description)
  • MGT 314 Statistics for Business and the Environment (description)
  • one Forest Academy course (FOR 101 or higher) on a business-related subject such as Vedic Management, leadership, or creativity (2 credits)
  • MGT 200 Principles of Business Success (description) is strongly recommended but not required.

Business Foundations Five courses required (20 credits)

  • MGT 378 Marketing Management (description)
  • MGT 350 Financial Management (description)
  • MGT 428 Business Law and Ethics (description)
  • MGT 429 Human Resource Management (description)
  • MGT 382 Management and Organization(description)

Entrepreneurship Five courses required (18 credits)

  • MGT 346 Career Strategies (description)
  • MGT 402 Managing for Sustainability (description)
  • MGT 315 Financial Accounting (description)
  • MGT 404 Managerial Accounting (description)
  • MGT 432 Entrepreneurship Project (description)

Students may interview for business positions and earn up to 16 elective credits of internship toward their bachelor’s degree with the approval of the BA Program Director. Students at UMLAC have a particular advantage in the competition for internships nationwide. The block calendar of month-to-month study makes it easy for a student to take off one or more months and work full-time on a business project at any time of the year. Such internships are an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge gained in the Business Administration major in a workplace setting.

Transfer Credits

The BA Program Director in the Business Department will work with all transfer students to maximize the amount of credit they may transfer from prior college-level work. Any potential transfer student may send their transcripts to the BA Program Director for an evaluation of transferability into the UMLAC Business major.

Credit for Experiential Learning

Students whose life experience has given them the knowledge equivalent to a course in the Business Administration major may apply to the BA Program Director for experiential learning credit. Though UMLAC does not have a formal policy governing credit for experiential learning, we are open to giving student credit for what they know and seek to follow the practices that are common at accredited institutions of higher education.

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