A minimum of 128 credits of course work — including up to a maximum of 16 credits of Development of Consciousness (DC) and up to a maximum of 70 credits of transfer credit — is required for students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Within these credits, students must fulfill the following requirements:

Required Courses

  • MVS 100 or ED 101 The Transcendental Meditation Program
  • STC 108 or STC 109 The Science and Technology of Consciousness
  • For students entering Fall 2012 and later: A CCTS (any Creativity and Critical Thinking Seminar)
  • PHYS 110 Foundations of Physics and Cosmology
  • PH 101 Physiology Is Consciousness
  • WTG 191 College Composition 1 (may be waived based on transfer credit or the results of a diagnostic assessment)
  • WTG 192 College Composition 2 (may be waived based on transfer credit)
  • FOR 103 Health-Related Fitness
  • MVS 202 Higher States of Consciousness
  • MGT 346 Career Strategies (2 credits)
  • MVS 475 Senior Capstone (2 credits)

Distribution Course Requirements

  • 4 credits from Fine Arts
  • 4 credits from Humanities
  • 4 credits from Applied Social Sciences
  • 4 credits from Mathematics (MATH 153 or higher)

Courses for Distribution Requirements

  • Fine Arts (4 credits)
    – Any writing course numbered higher than 192
    – Any music course numbered higher than 199
    – FA 201 Art in Nature
    – FA 301 Drawing 1
    – FA 311 Painting 1
    – FA 341 Ceramics 1
    – FA 351 Sculpture 1
    – FA 331 Photography 1
    – FA 141 Art of the Self
  • Humanities (4 credits)
    – Any literature course
    – MC 300 Narrative
    – FA 203 Understanding Art & Media
    – FA 204 CCTS: The Spiritual Question in Media & Myth
    – FA 231 Great Civilizations
    – FA 381, 382, 383, 384 (Art History I, II, III, IV)
    – FA 470 Contemporary Art & Criticism Seminar
    – MUS 217 CCTS: The Power of Sound
    – MUS 223 CCTS: American Roots Music
    – MVS 225 MVS and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    – MVS 226 MVS and Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism
  • Applied Social Sciences (4 credits)
    – Any education, business, or government course
    – Any ESS Leadership course
    – MVS 308 Research Design
    – MVS 309 Peace Studies
    – Many Sustainable Living courses including:
    – SL-G100 CCTS: Understanding and Advocating Sustainable Living
    – SL–G220 Environmental Planning and Landscaping
    – SL–G370 Environmental Law
    – SL–P302 Energy Policy for Sustainability
  • Mathematics (4 credits)
    – Any mathematics course numbered 153 or higher (Includes MATH 200 CCTS)
    – MGT 314 Statistics, if a student has been placed by the Department of Mathematics higher than MATH 153
    – Students in the Sustainable Living Major may satisfy both the math requirement of the Major and the math distribution requirement at the same time by passing Math 170.

Note: Mathematics distribution requirement may be satisfied by courses taken elsewhere. For more information on math distribution requirements and/or your major’s math requirements, please see below, or the Catalog for the year you entered or were readmitted.

Forest Academies

Forest academies are two-week courses offered at the beginning of each semester. They provide the opportunity for students to explore more deeply the principles associated with the development of their own inner intelligence—through their daily TM and TM-Sidhi practice—and to understand how it applies practically to specific areas of life. At the end of each Forest Academy, students experience a new wave of freshness in body, mind, and perception, returning to studies with an expanded awareness, a clearer mind, and a greater desire to learn.

All students are required to take a Forest Academy in each semester they are enrolled in at least three blocks of classes. Students enrolled one year or less may not miss any Forest Academies. Students enrolled 1½ years or longer may miss one Forest Academy.

Development of Consciousness (DC) Courses

  • Each semester, all students who have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique need to fulfill requirements for at 1 credit in Development of Consciousness.
  • Students who have also learned the TM-Sidhi program need to fulfill requirements for 2 credits in Development of Consciousness.
  • Students may apply up to 16 credits in Development of Consciousness toward required graduation credits.
  • Since all students are required to practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, students learn the Transcendental Meditation technique in their first course as part of their Development of Consciousness course requirement.
    • MVS 100 Instruction in the TM technique (1 credit, first semester only)
    • DC 320 Development of Consciousness: TM technique (1 credit each semester)
    • DC 332 Development of Consciousness: TM and TM-Sidhi program (2 credits each semester)


Completion of requirements for a major field of study, listed under Academic Programs. (A maximum of 50% of the credits in a major may be satisfied by transfer credit.)

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher


  • Completion of Forest Academy course entitled “Health Related Fitness”
  • Undergraduate students are strongly recommended to participate in four hours of dynamic physical activity each week and to request a fitness assessment each semester.

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