PhD in Management

The PhD program in Management at UMLAC explores how organizations create sustainable value that fulfills the interests of the organization through producing positive impacts for society and the environment.

Our investigations of sustainable management encompass three components:

  • Developing holistic consciousness in the manager
  • Managing the transformation of organizations toward sustainable practices
  • The measurement and communication of sustainability outcomes.

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PhD in Physiology – Special Research Program

This special research PhD degree is designed for doctoral-level health professionals or those with a master’s in physiology, or the equivalent, to
conduct original research on the effects of Maharishi AyurVedaSM and Transcendental Meditation® technique on areas of health and physiology. UMLAC is committed to develop the scientific understanding of the application of natural, prevention-oriented health care for the improvement of the health and well being of the individual and society.

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PhD Degrees General Requirements

Completion of FOR 500 Science of Creative Intelligence, plus an additional Forest Academy for each semester, regardless of the number of credits taken in the semester. Students are allowed to withdraw from one Forest Academy during their doctoral program.

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