The specific facts and theories about business will change over time, but several personal qualities that develop through Consciousness-BasedSM management will form the basis for our students’ success throughout their careers.

At UMLAC’s School of Business, the General Goals of all degrees are:

  • Students should develop the qualities associated with enlightenment: inner peace, alertness, creative intelligence, spiritual experience, balance of heart and mind, and ethical awareness and behavior. The practice of the Transcendental Meditation program by all students, faculty and staff at UMLAC is the foundation for this development.
  • Our students should develop effective research skills (information literacy), effective thinking and reasoning, including the use of logic and evidence, and effective analytic problem solving using the knowledge of business functions (marketing, accounting, finance, operations, management). The scholarship of our faculty and the clarity of mind of our students promote this objective.
  • Our students should develop synthetic thinking: clarity and precision in problem formulation and creativity in identifying options for decision. A clear, settled mind, functioning from the lively wakefulness of fully developed consciousness, is the best preparation for creativity in business.
  • Our students should develop effective presentation skills, both written and oral. A clear mind and an ability to work without taking on stress and strain helps the student achieve this objective.
  • Our students should develop professional standards of behavior and ethics in business and an orientation toward sustainability and world citizenship. This broad awareness is the natural result of relieving one’s mind and body of stress and strain through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program.
  • Our students should develop clarity about their personal strengths and career goals. This is one of the most profound effects of Consciousness-Based management. With a clear mind and deep, settled awareness, our students can better feel what works for them and what does not.
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