The unique perspective on business at UMLAC is perhaps best illustrated by comparing some “conventional principles” of business, which kept life rooted in ignorance in ages past, with “consciousness-based” principles that are emerging in an age where the current knowledge-based paradigm of business would find its fulfillment in Consciousness-Based Management

The following chart is inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s 1978 presentation of “Old and New Principles” in many fields of life.


Conventional Principles Consciousness-Based Principles
The more you do, the more you accomplish. Do less and accomplish more. Work smarter, not harder.
It takes money to make money. It takes intelligence, good ideas, to make money.
Money is the root of all evil. The greatest enemy in life is fatigue, which diminishes clarity of mind and reduces creativity.
The means for business expansion (money) collect around businesses The means for expansion (support of Natural Law) collect around individuals who have sattva, less stress in the nervous system, more purity of heart and mind.
The purpose of business is to make a profit for owners. The role of business in society is to create value and share that value among owners, employees, society, and the natural environment.
Natural resources are finite. There are limits to
growth that will bring suffering to mankind.
Human resources have infinite potential. The experience of unbounded awareness, stabilized in activity and refined to unity consciousness, brings liberation to mankind.
For a start-up firm, too much money is better than too little. For a start-up firm, too little money is better than too much money, because it forces the owner to solve problems rather than buy a way out of them.
Acquiring industrial secrets, by any means, is the way to get a competitive advantage. Developing the creative intelligence of employees is the only source of truly sustainable competitive advantage.
Money, fame and power are the goal in life. Higher states of consciousness are the goal in life. They give 200% of life, 100% inner fulfillment and 100% outer success.
When problems become difficult, engage a highpriced consultant. When problems become difficult, engage the managing intelligence of Nature by experiencing the seat of Natural Law in one’s own settled awareness. Then call the consultant and learn as necessary.
Work earns a living, however boring as it might be. All work, even routine work, stabilizes the unbounded awareness experienced during the Transcendental Meditation technique to progressively unfold and utilize maximum creativity.
Every businessman wants to turn a “quick buck.” Business people want to create a sustainable company that lasts a long time.
Labor is a factor of production. People are the essential resource of a company, the repository of its knowledge and seat of its creativity.
Buildings, equipment and inventories are the core asset of a company. Knowledge, in the form of people, data, manuals, and patents, is the core asset of a company.
Management is a nasty job. Administration is a spiritual practice.
Financial markets are driven by fear and greed. Financial resources flow to activities that create sustainable value, because investors have a long time horizon and experience fulfillment independent of their possessions.
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