At UMLAC we adhere to a series of guiding principles which give shape to all our academic programs and activities. These principles are:


Consciousness-Based EducationCBE-connects

Holistic, relevant education for a successful life — not just a career — to ensure our happiness and to make real contributions in the world

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Development of Consciousness

The development of consciousness through the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique is a core value of the University and an integral component of the academic program

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Meditation and Spiritual Growth

Self-exploration, higher consciousness, spirituality, and inner peace through the Transcendental Meditation technique.

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Positive, Supportive Community

Professors who really care for their students, and a nourishing environment without the stress and negativity typical of college (that’s why many of us transfer from other colleges)

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Healthy Lifestyle

Natural health, yoga asanas, and fitness programs for balance in body and mind — and organic vegetarian meals

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Commitment to achieving inner and outer sustainability for ourselves and the world. We support a progressive campus culture where alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are prohibited, and where we can develop our full potential



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