Creating Leaders in Environmental and Social Responsibility

mba-womenWhen you join our MBA program, you will be preparing yourself to compete effectively in the job markets and to participate in high-level operational and strategic management teams.

While learning these skills, you will also experience significant growth in personal creativity, intelligence, and health through Consciousness-Based℠ education.

Our MBA program embraces lean management and sustainable business practices, including Triple Bottom Line and the Balanced Scorecard. Our MBA students learn the foundational subjects in business (marketing, accounting, finance, operations, human resources, and business law).

Additionally, students can choose among three areas for more in-depth specialization:

  • Sustainable Business,
  • Accounting and
  • Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP finance focus.

9 reasons to earn an MBA at MUM

MUM offers a remarkable set of benefits to our MBA students that prepares them well for a successful professional life. No other USA university can provide this unique package of benefits:

  1. Outstanding professional training. We boost your technical knowledge and skills in highly desired areas including Excel with pivot tables, SAP, XBRL for SEC reporting, and metrics for sustainability. You will also practice speaking and writing skills with guided feedback from experienced business experts.
  2. Financial aid and loans. We provide both US financial aid and scholarship and loan programs for qualified international students.
  3. Block system of courses. Students love that we study one course at a time with more contact time with professors. In 4 weeks, you cover an entire semester of course material through engaging learning methodologies.
  4. Consciousness-Based education. MUM is one of the few universities in the world that cultivates the creativity and intelligence of its students through practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. Hundreds of research studies around the world verify that TM is a simple yet powerful technique to reduce stress, enhance brain functioning, improve health and productivity, and promote inner happiness. The TM technique practiced by all MUM students makes learning easier and more enjoyable.
  5. Diverse international student body. Campus life at MUM is culturally diverse. Students come from more than 80 countries. Class discussions are diverse and present various points of view.
  6. Diverse teaching methodologies. The MBA at MUM offers dynamic and engaging learning experiences including case studies, guest speakers, field trips, internships, small group projects and business simulations where we compete against other MBAs worldwide.
  7. Embrace Triple Bottom Line and Balanced Scorecard Concepts. More and more business leaders use a broad set of metrics to guide and assess business performance in a more holistic and socially-responsible manner. Our faculty are experts in these sustainability concepts.
  8. Preparation for professional certification exams. As part of the MBA program, students can choose to take courses to prepare to sit for the professional examinations in areas such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and the SAP certification series.
  9. Flexible modes of study. The full-time on-campus MBA can be completed in 11 to 15 months of continuous study. The Intern or Evening program may take up to three years because it is taken at half the normal pace. The special track, MBA for Accounting Professionals, spans 2.5 years including two years of curricular practical training with a US company.