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BS Physiology & Health
Pre-Integrative Medicine


The Pre-Integrative Medicine undergraduate program offers foundational courses in both modern science and Maharishi Ayurveda, and prepares students for a range of graduate training in licensed health professions in integrative medicine.
Integrative medicine is the practice of conventional medicine integrated with natural,complementary and alternative medical practices.
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MD Integrative Medicine

The core curriculum of our College of Integrative Medicine is based on curricula of leading medical schools in the USA. The integrative nature of the curriculum of our College incorporates the Vedic approach to health as described earlier. In this regard a central organizing theme throughout the curriculum is the study of the eight major organ systems of the body, examined in light of modern medicine and Ayurveda.
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BS Nursing

The faculty is committed to nursing education grounded in the arts, sciences and humanities, meeting professional standards for nursing education and practice.
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MS Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader

The CNL is a leadership role designed for nurses who want to make a difference in the clinical setting or provide leadership in educating others to gain these skills.
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