The core curriculum of our MD Program of Integrative Medicine is based on curricula of leading medical schools in the USA.

The curriculum integrates the biological, social, behavioral, and clinical sciences over a five-year period. During the first two years, emphasis is placed upon the biological sciences, which are closely correlated with the social and behavioral sciences. As the student progresses, the clinical sciences come to the fore, and the venue of education transfers from the college to the multiple hospitals, clinics, and medical care facilities affiliated with the School.

The integrative nature of the curriculum of our School incorporates the Vedic approach to health as described earlier. In this regard a central organizing theme throughout the curriculum is the study of the eight major organ systems of the body, examined in light of modern medicine and Ayurveda.

This knowledge is presented in brief in year one, and in greater depth in each subsequent year, so that the students always maintain holistic awareness of the full range of their curriculum as they are focusing ever more sharply on the details.